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  • Supplier Development: If your company is keen to supply the fast food chains, then Wyvern Food Solutions can support you in implem-enting the correct processes and procedures to enable you to approach the pitch correctly. The support services can be tailored to suit your needs - from a capability audit taking a day or two, through to full involvement in production line planning and test production.
  • Troubleshooting: Andy has experience of a wide variety of different investigations – temperature abuse, taint, foreign material contamination, ingredient substitution, and many more. He may be able to help directly, or can bring in expertise from his wide range of international contacts.
  • New Markets: Andy has successfully set up and developed new food and packaging suppliers & distributors in Russia, E. Europe & Africa. Andy can offer you insight & advice and help you investigate the possibility of setting up operations in such countries.
  • Auditing: Andy is an expert on traceability and HACCP and is very familiar with the BRC Standards. If you need a specific audit in these areas please make contact. We can ensure that you are ready for BRC or similar audits and facilitate the auditing through our partners.