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Past Projects

For reasons of client confidentiality I cannot give precise details, but an overview of some recent projects may be helpful.....

Burger Production: A meat company in C Europe approached me to help them in their aim to supply a major fast food chain with beef burgers . I was involved in the planning, installation, & commissioning of the production line and then training of production and quality staff leading to the factory getting swift approval to supply to a number of countries. From start of installation to test supply took less than 3 months.

Juice Technical Management: A global beverages company had a gap in its technical team, so I stood in as technical support for several months and when the new manager came on board helped with the handover.

Airline Meal Production Troubleshooting: At short notice I was able to help an airline meals supplier by spending two weeks embedded at their two sites and identified some weaknesses in their processes and procedures that were causing them to fail external audits.

Production Line Diversity: I have a long-standing clients in Saudi Arabia. They are a diverse food business, but with ambition to diversify further. I have worked on several feasibility studies for different products as they explore what will work for them in their market. One of the lines has already been installed and is operational. I identified the appropriate equipment, layout and vendors of the equipment. As needed I have brought in a range of other consultants, experts in fields as diverse as finance, engineering, restaurant planning, chocolate manufacture and butchery.

Storage & Distribution: A medium sized English company with 2 sites, wanted help to update their Quality & Food Safety systems to enable them to pass their next audit NSF S+D audit. Worked closely with them to review and refresh their HACCPs and Food Safety Manual leading to very successful audit with a pass at higher level. I continue to provide ongoing support

British Retail Consortium: Engaged to support the move to web-based options for the Standards (Participate). Updated/wrote several product specific Guidelines.